We strive for the most accurate and the most reliable air quality measurement in the world. API brings our results to your devices.

  • 100+

    Perfect-Air PA-10 has been sold in Czech and Slovakia.

  • 46

    specialists and experts are in the Perfect-Air team in Prague and Ostrava.

  • 14,6 million

    has been invested into Perfect-Air product and solution developmet over the last year.

Principle of data processing

  • 1.

    Ve calculate the air pollution at 440 million geographic points all over the world.

  • 2.

    Every hour we validate and organize over 10 GB of received data.

  • 3.

    Every hour we calculate 7,5 billion concentrations of pollutants.

  • 4.

    The result is very accurate real-time data through a simple API.

Sensors constantly collect data from the environment and our systems validate and process it. Thanks to that you always have accurate and reliable information on air quality right at the moment and location you are at.

Wide network of sensors around the world enables more accurate analysis of measured data and compilation of clear air quality index around the world.

Measured data can be displayed on a map, where it is easy to find a specific place and get a better overview of air pollution at the location.

Thanks to high sensitivity of our sensors to various kinds of particulate matter, pollen and poisonous substances you have an overview of the current air pollutant concentration.

Our system publishes dozens of recommendations in relation to the current air quality. You can then better plan your activities and avoid excessive exposure to pollutants.

You get air quality forecast for the next few days, including historical data from the last year. You can easily compare the data and monitor air quality at the location.

Segment solutions

  • Smart Cities

    Access the best technologies for forecasting air pollution and let your citizens know in time.

  • Health & Sport

    Help the users avoid excessive stay in polluted air and send them real-time notifications.

  • Real estate

    Thanks to the most up-to-date air quality data analysis, you know exactly where in the city is the cleanest air. Your clients will appreciate this information.

  • Smart devices

    All actual measured data on air quality in one place and always at hand in user friendly app.

  • Society & research

    Utilize and process reliable and accurate air quality data for planning activities or research in your city.

  • Skin care

    Up-to-date air quality data make it easier for users to choose proper cosmetic care to reduce aging and negative effects.

Something extra

  • Extended data sources

    Environmental scientists always had to rely on open data from public monitoring stations. Our data science team works with many more resources.

  • Forecast modeling

    As with the weather, reliable forecast of pollen concentration development in the air over the next few days and its impact on our health is a mathematically challenging matter.

  • Interpret data your way

    There is no uniform way of interpreting numbers. Sometimes is required concentration of particles per cubic meter of air.


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