We change the way
you see the air

  • 7 million

    of people worldwide die due to polluted air worldwide.

  • 99 %

    of the world's population live in areas with air pollution.

  • $2,9 trillion

    of dollars spends the world economy on polluted air anually.

  • 3,3 %

    of global GDP is linked to the global cost of air pollution.

Air pollution causes higher sickness rate
and negatively affects our:

  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Thinking
  • Performance
  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Thinking
  • Performance

Our vision

We can’t see the air we breathe and yet it significantly affects us and our health. Air pollution has lon-term negative effects on our mental health, ability to think and concentrate.

We believe that the Perfect—Air platform can help people actively influence the quality of their life and make the right decisions.

Features overview

Air quality

Degree of particulate matter pollution PM10 and PM2,5 and less.

Air properties

Particulate matter, pollen, ozone, temperature, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide.


Recommendations and hints on how to behave and what to avoid regarding current air quality.


Application immeditely notifies you of poor air quality.

Accurate real-time air quality data


You won’t get lost in the data

You can simply display data on air quality and pollen concentration on a map and find the specific place you are interested in at that moment. Thanks to air quality and pollen index you immediately see the situation at the location.

Outdoor station

Meet our station

Powerful and energy-efficient station with highly sensitive sensors gives you reliable and up-to-date data in real time.

indoor station

Station which reduces fatique
and increases efficiency

Display the indoor air quality and carbon dioxide concentration on your phone, anytime. Timely ventilation will reduce the stress on your body and fatigue and you will be able to concentrate better.


Get a perfect overview

By connecting to smart devices you will get a comprehensive overview of air quality and measured data in the location of your stay. Both you and the connected smart device can timely react to changes in air quality.

Our idea

We support long-term sustainable development and this can not be done without systematic planning of activities and development of solutions for reducing pollution sources.

Perfect—Air makes a significant contribution to this by providing valuable, highly accurate and localized information about pollution, pollen and poisonous substances in the air we breathe.

Segment solutions

  • Smart Cities

    Access the best technologies for forecasting air pollution and let your citizens know in time.

  • Health & Sport

    Help the users avoid excessive stay in polluted air and send them real-time notifications.

  • Real estate

    Thanks to the most up-to-date air quality data analysis, you know exactly where in the city is the cleanest air. Your clients will appreciate this information.

  • Smart devices

    All actual measured data on air quality in one place and always at hand in user friendly app.

  • Society & research

    Utilize and process reliable and accurate air quality data for planning activities or research in your city.

  • Skin care

    Up-to-date air quality data make it easier for users to choose proper cosmetic care to reduce aging and negative effects.

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