Choose the right product for you

  • Indoor IoT CO2 meter

    4 999  s DPH

    Extended version which provides perfect overview of the carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, humidity and air pressure in the room.

  • Indoor CO2 meter lite

    2 299  s DPH

    Monitor reliably measures stale air and concentration of carbon dioxide in the room. You know exactly when it is the time to let the fresh air in.

  • Outdoor station P—A10

    19 900  s DPH

    Set of modern and highly sensitive sensors measures degree of particulate matter pollution PM2,5 and PM10.

  • Heatmap Pro

    Professional extension to our popular Heatmap. Up-to-date and reliable data on air quality with advanced functions.

  • API

    We strive for the most accurate and the most reliable air quality measurement in the world. API brings our results to your devices.


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