Rental conditions


1) The lessor lets the particulate matter measuring station Perfect-Air 10 in the number of __ pcs (hereinafter referred to as the “Subject of Lease”).

2) The lessor will send the subject of the lease to the leaseholder immediately after receiving signed lease contract. The shipment will contain, in addition to the subject of the lease and accessories, also “delivery note” in two copies, on of which, after checking the functionality of the station, will be signed and sent to the lessor. By signing this delivery note, the leaseholder confirms that the subject of the lease is fully functional.

3) The lessor will keep the leased item without any modifications and in condition suitable for standard use. In this state, the leaseholder is obliged to maintain it at their own costs.


1) Ownership rights pass to the leaseholder only in case of purchase of the subject of the lease at residual price.

2) The leaseholder is not authorized to leave the subject of the lease for use by someone else.

3) The leaseholder is responsible for a proper care of the subject of the lease in daily operation. Any detected deficiency or damage of the subject of the lease should be immediatey reported by the leaseholder to the following contact details: or phone. +420 724 874 918.

4) Changes or repairs of the subject of the lease are not permitted and are always carried out by professional service designated by the lessor.

5) The lessor is obliged to ensure warranty repairs and maintenance of the subject of the lease at their own expense at the place of company’s registered office.

6) The leaseholder has right to send fully functional subject of the lease for revision and calibration once a year to the address of lessor’s registered office. The lessor will carry out the revision, cleaning and calibration free of charge and send it back to the leaseholder.


1) The leaseholder is obliged to pay rent according to the contract.

2) The leaseholder is not obliged to pay rent if, due to defects not caused by them, was not able to use the rented item in the agreed manner. In this case the amount of the following rent is reduced by proportional part of the period when the subject of the lease was not operable.

3) The right to waive or reduce rent must be exercised with the lessor without undue delay. The right expires if it is not exercised within 6 months from the day, on which the facts establishing this right occurred.

4) Data maintenance and history retention for 365 days is included in the rent price.

5) On the 1st day of the following month, the leaseholder will receive an invoice in electronic form for payment for the previous time period, with maturity 14 days from the date of issue.

6) In case the rent is not paid within the specified period, the contract will be terminated by the lessor. If this happens during the mandatory minimal lease period of 24 months, the leaseholder is obliged to pay the costs incurred in the amount of the remaining rent until the end of the minimum lease period.


1) Agreed way of use: installation according to instruction in the enclosed manual.

2) See also General terms and conditions and claims on our website


1) The lease is appointed for an indefinite period (minimum of 24 months), it will be terminated by mutual agreement of both contractual parties. In case both contractual parties can not come to an agreement, the lease contract will be automatically terminated within 1 month (starting on the first day of the following month) from delivery of the written notice from one party to the other.

2) The lease is appointed for a definite period of time from ___________ to ____________.

3) If the lease contract is not extended, the lease ends on the date specified in the contract or after expiration of the termination period by unilateral notice. The leaseholder is obliged to dismount and deliver the subject of the lease no later than in one month, to the address of the lessor. If the return period extends the specified period, the leaseholder can and will be charged an additional rental period.

4) The minimum lease period is 24 months, in case of interest in buying the station, this period may be shortened and the station will be sold at the residual price.