In case the goods show signs of manufacturing defects, our complaints department is here for you.

Please, send the goods to: SLAMKA CONSULTING, S.R.O. Šamanova 1062/8 700 30, Ostrava – Zábřeh

In order to make a claim you do not need a warranty card. An invoice is always enough. Warranty is 24 months from the day of receipt of the goods.

If the claim is settled by replacement, there is no new warranty for the goods. The original warranty continues. To the claim attach: Copy of the receipt. Detailed description of the defects. We always try to settle the complaint as soon as possible, but no later than within the statutory period of 30 days.

In case you claim defective or incorrectly sent goods, you are entitled to a cost refund related to shipping the claimed package to us. For quick processing, please send us a copy of the shipping slip to


As a proof of warranty we issue receipt (invoice) for each purchased good with the legally required data necessary for warranty application (mainly name of the goods, price, quantity).


Period for enforcement of rights from deffective performance begins to run on the day of the receipt of the goods by customer, that is the day listed on the purchase receipt or on the warranty card.

Period is: 24 months for new (including unpacked) goods;

The period ends on the day of the same number, on which the period began running, after the corresponding number of months later. Rights arising from liability for defects in goods for which the quality guarantee applies, expire if the rights have not been exercised within the specified period. We guarantee that all properties and parameters stated on the website are ture and the goods meet all the conditions for daily use.

If the customer claims defects within 6 months from the purchase, it is considered that the defect arose already during the production. Therefore, if the defect is recognized by authorized service center, the buyer is entitled to a refund. This does not apply to the goods damaged by the customer, either by mistake or intentionally.

In case of unjustified claim, the supplier has the right to charge the customer an amount corresponding to the resonably incurred costs for the claim procedure (applies in the case of the procedure under the commercial code).

We recommend thorough check of the condition of the shipment upon receipt from the carrier. Focus mainly on checking the exterior packaging (it should not show signs of damage, punctures, liquid splashes etc.).

In any case, do not accept obviously damaged shipment from the carrier. In case of minor damage, enter this information in the transfer note. Also, we recommend to take pictures of the shipment. If you are not allowed to check the contents of the shipment upon receipt, do so no later than 3 working days after the receipt of the shipment and send any problem together with description, photo documentation and invoice / delivery note number to


The seller is liable o the customer that the thing has no defect upon receipt. In particular, the seller is liable to customer that at the time the customet took over the goods, it has the properties according to what the parties have agreed. In the absence of such an agreement, the seller is liable that the the goods have the properties described or what the customer expected with regard to the nature of the goods and on the basis of advertising. The item is suitable for the purpose the seller states or what this kind of things is usually used for. The item is in appropriate quantity, measure or weight. The item complies with the requirements of the legislation.


No customer rights are applied to the gifts which are provided free of charge. Such goods meet the conditions of the Donation agreement and all standards according to the valid legislation of the Czech Republic.